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Electronics Workforce Alliance

Atlanta-area employers in electronics manufacturing expressed a need for more job-ready workers with soldering skills, including industry-recognized credentials for working on warrantied devices used in automotive, aviation, or medical applications. CareerRise spearheaded the Electronics Workforce Alliance in 2014 to address this need.

EWA recruits unemployed and underemployed individuals for a four-week training program led by partners Cardinal Training and Goodwill of North Georgia. Funding is provided by the Workforce Investment Opportunity Act and/or CareerRise. Trainees receive case management, job readiness and employability skills training along with the specialized electronics curriculum. At graduation they have specialized soldering skills and internationally recognized certificates valued by industry employers. Many graduates received multiple certifications, raising the likelihood of placement or higher pay. The third week of each four-week program features Hiring Day, when employers and staffing agency partners interview and offer jobs to trainees.

Milestone Achievements:

  • 96% of EWA enrollees complete the class
  • 86% of EWA completers have been placed or receive a wage increase
  • Jobseekers have been placed at an average wage of $14 per hour, nearly twice the federal minimum wage. This factors to an additional $14,227 of income over a year and $426,816 over a 30 year career, not counting future promotions and raises that come with a high-demand career.
  • Incumbent employees completing the EWA program receive an increase averaging $3.85 per hour. This means each graduate will generate an average of $8,008 in additional income over the next year and $240,240 over their lifetime.

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Through workforce partnerships individuals can gain the skills they need for career advancement and to meet the employers' need for a skilled workforce!

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