Workforce Partnerships in Action


Across the region, 11 of the 15 fastest growing occupations, projected through 2018, are in the healthcare field. Each of these occupations can be entered with an associate's degree or lesser credential - a readymade opportunity for an aggressive workforce development approach.

We work with multiple hospital employers to provide training for incumbent employees to move up, and job seekers to move into the healthcare field. Several early projects have been brought together in CHAMP - which stands for Careers in Healthcare Atlanta Mobility Project. CHAMP creates a pathway for individuals to reach a critical entry point for a position with a healthcare employer, and then to prepare for advancement into health occupations in high demand. Incumbent training varies among employers and has included School at Work™ support, coaching, needs assessment and onsite occupational skills training. In addition, CHAMP works with healthcare organizations to analyze their workforce needs and the aspirations of their current incumbents in low-wage jobs to create recommendations for programs and services that meet the needs of the organization and their workforce.

Milestone Achievements:

  • Early successes in our healthcare initiative led to CHAMP, featuring an expanded base of employer members and a flexible approach to meet the workforce needs and protocols of different hospitals.
  • Our Atlanta Beltline Industry Partnership, which addresses employment needs of the Grady Health System, was recognized by President Obama in July 2014 as one of 35 "Programs that Work."

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Through workforce partnerships individuals can gain the skills they need for career advancement and to meet the employers' need for a skilled workforce!

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