About Atlanta CareerRise

Atlanta CareerRise partnerships identify the competencies that employers in the industry need, and provide a path for underemployed individuals to become proficient through training, development and placement.

Regional economic strength through workforce development

Our purpose is to promote a strong, well prepared workforce that measures up to the needs of 21st Century employers. Today, nearly 14% of Georgians in the prime working years – ages 18-64 – have not graduated high school or earned a GED. In less than 10 years, one of every five jobs in the state will require more than a diploma. The time to take action is now.

Jobs are available that pay a family-supporting salary – yet nearly 16% of the region’s residents live below the poverty line. Atlanta CareerRise is leading a strategy to close the gap, and the results are already evident in fields ranging from health care to specialty electronics.

How we work

Atlanta CareerRise is a regional funder collaborative, bringing together local funders around a shared strategic vision for workforce development in a 13-county region. By pooling and aligning resources from philanthropic, corporate, public and other funders in an investment strategy to achieve its vision, the collaborative is a catalyst to create sectoral workforce partnerships, train workers, and improve workforce practices.

Through our collaborative method, CareerRise…

  • Addresses the needs of both employers and workers
  • Serves low wage individuals to attain family-sustaining wages
  • Convenes a broad range of partners with common workforce goals
  • Develops and supports demand-driven partnerships
  • Identifies and disseminates practices that improve results

Our story

We are the private-public product of a national movement to align workforce skills and opportunities with the needs of 21st Century employers. Our work has a dual emphasis: meeting employers' needs for skilled workers and paving the way for frontline workers and the unemployed to advance to a career with financial stability.

Our first investments in a healthcare industry partnership led to additional initiatives in the logistics, specialty electronics industries. As we have grown, CareerRise has seized opportunities to foster collaboration among diverse workforce service providers throughout the community, including co-founding MAX, the Metro Atlanta eXchange for Workforce Solutions.

CareerRise was founded in 2011 through a grant from the National Fund for Workforce Solutions and local investors and is managed by the United Way of Greater Atlanta.

Atlanta CareerRise

Our first investments in a healthcare industry partnership led to initiatives in the logistics and specialty electronics industries.

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